The Sagebrush Patriots Academy program teams start their incursion into the 2013 NorCal Premier State Cup Competition in great form to continue the success attained in 2012.

Patriots 02 U12 Girls

The Patriots 02 girls, after finishing as Champions of the U11 girls Blue divison of 24 teams in 2012, started their 1st round in the NorCal White U12 girls division ranked 21 of 28 teams and were scheduled to play vs. teams ranked 2, 4, 13 and 28. After traveling to the Sacramento area to play, the girls finished their 1st round games in their group with these results; draw 2-2 vs #2, draw 1-1 vs. #13 win 2-1 vs. #28 and win by forfeit 1-0 vs. #4, which places the girls on the top 16 of the white division for the 2nd round of games to start after October 15.

Patriots 03 U11 Girls

Much like the U12s, the U11 started their State Cup on a great note and being their first time participating in the competition, they were ranked #23 out of 32 teams in the U11 Girls Blue division to start, and were schedule to play their 1st round games vs. teams ranked 3#, #5, #12 and #14 in their group, and finished ther 1st round with these results; win 2-1 vs. #5, win 7-1 vs. #14, draw 2-2 vs. #3, and win 6-0 vs. #12, all in the Blue division, which also places the girls in a position to play the top 16 team in the division for the second round.

Patriots 05B RED U9 Boys

The Patriots 05 Boys are the youngest boys team from Sagebrush to ever participate in the state cup compeitition and after their very successful participation in the two NorCal play days in June 2013 where they’ve won 5 and lost 1 game, the boys were placed in the NorCal White division from the start and were ranked #25 in a group of 40 teams. They also started their NorCal participation this past Sunday October 29th and played for a 3-1 win vs. the team ranked #12 in Fairfield, next is two games on October 6 vs. teams ranked #10 and #20 in their white division.

Patriots 04 U10 Girls.

The Patriots 04 girls start their NorCal participation next Saturday Oct. 6 with two games at 12:30 and 3:30 and are looking into completing the success of the Sagebrush Patriots Academy program by placing at top of their division. The Girls are also participating in NorCal Premier State Cup for the first time and were placed in the U10 Girls Blue division ranked #29 out of 32 teams and are playing vs. teams ranked #9 and #20.

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