A Message to Potential Patriots Tryout Candidates & Families

Dear Parents,

The schedule for the Sagebrush Patriots Youth Soccer Program is always updated with “ALL” the soccer days for the current season and the next season months in advance. 

Details for games are typically not included but the “soccer” days are all posted so all families can make a tentative plan for their schedule.

It includes practice days and times as well as a note for either a practice or game once the season starts. The tournament weekends we will be attending are also posted. 

So, why do I post the information for the “soccer” days so early? Because our commitment to coach your child is 100% and we expect the time commitment from our players and their families to be at the minimum 95%.  

That means, if you want to be part of the program, DO NOT schedule vacations or other events that will affect or conflict with the Patriots schedule or team your child plays on since the dates are clearly marked in advance in our calendar. Being a Patriot player means there is more commitment for the players and their families. If you cannot commit to working your family schedule around our schedule during the soccer season, then please consider another team or program for your child that will not put the same time demands on you. 

At the minimum we expect our players to not miss more than 1 game in the season and no more than 3 practice days in the season. Unless you let us know your schedule when your chilld registers where you already have conflicts with the dates posted, we will expect your child to be at all but the 3 practices and 1 game of your choosing he/she can miss during the season if your child is selected to be part of the Patriots organization. Of Course, School functions, Sickness, Work conflicts, Accidents, deaths in the family, etc. are special circumstances and we do not expect you to give priority to soccer if these situations arise.

 No, it is not unfair! We as coaches, plan our vacations, family time, and even work around the patriots Program schedule so we can coach your child, we expect the same courtesy from our players and their families. 

Tryout dates are posted when available each season from the league. If you know you want to have your child considered for our program but the dates conflict with your schedule, please let us know right away so we can set up an additional time to look at your child. 

As and FYI, tryouts for the other teams and clubs in the area also get posted on the gbysl.org website.  

John Chavez
Head Coach
USSF National D License.
Cell/Text: 775 690 0949

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