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Patriots Academy

The Patriots Academy has become the standard for youth soccer development in Northern Nevada. Our Players must commit to the hard work necessary to be successful in soccer and in life.

Standards & Expectations

The Patriots Academy is organized to provide maximum support to each player so that they can concentrate on soccer development, personal growth and learning to win. You can expect to have a challenging environment in which to grow and develop. We expect dedication, respect and commitment.

Our Mission

To develop talented young soccer players and provide them with a comprehensive development plan, ensuring maximum growth and improvement. From our pre-competitive and competitive programs, it is the Patriots Academy athletes’ responsibility to earn a roster spot and maximum playing time on our traveling teams, as opposed to the coach’s responsibility to give a roster spot. Every day, on the field or off the field, is a chance to move closer to, or farther from being a Patriots Academy Competitive Traveling team player.

The Environment

We utilize all the available opportunities to help in the development of our players through the exposure to play time in different events and venues, these include:
Recreational Local GBYSL league, for the New Players coming into the patriots Academy.
Recreational and Inter-Club Play-days, for our Pre-Competitive Players with at least one season in the Patriots Academy.
Competitive Local GBYSL league for our Competitive Players.
Competitive Local league & Tournaments for our more committed and Advanced Players and,
NorCal Premier State Cup and/or league play through US Club Soccer in California for our Players interested in further development.
The Patriots Academy is affiliated with the Sagebrush Soccer Club which allows us to offer the best opportunity for growth at the Patriots Academy when compared to other local programs.  We are able to compete and play Northern California teams in the California State Cup allowing us to have our players matched against some of the best soccer players in the west coast. Providing further enhancement to our Players’ development.


Becoming a Better Player: All Patriots Academy players are expected to take individual responsibility for their growth and development. You spend only a fraction of your time performing in public in front of your parents, friends, coaches and college scouts. The bulk of your work is done in private, on the training ground. This is the work that counts. A great player is the one who makes few mistakes; a truthful player comes off the field concerned about the mistakes he’s made and how he is going to correct them.

Personal Responsibility: At the end of the each practice, each player must ask himself, “What did I learn today?” and “How am I a better player?” Look at yourself and accept responsibility.

Personal Commitment: If you want to make it as a player, you have to be fully committed and willing to make sacrifices like eating a proper diet, working on days off and separating yourself from bad influences.

Personal Choice: Distance yourself from trouble – you are now in a unique situation as a player. Surround yourself with players and friends who have the same agenda as you: To Become an Elite Soccer Player. Whether your goal is to play varsity in High School, Competitive Club, College or Professional Soccer.

Practice “Permanently”: Focused Practice makes perfect. Practice makes the player. The game is the ultimate proof that you are a player practicing perfectly. If the training effort and focus is wrong, the results won’t be right!

Personal Attitude: Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching? Take the field prepared to train at your maximum effort every practice.

Personal Challenge: In every game you have to WIN THE INDIVIDUAL BATTLE with the opponent in your own area of the pitch. Law of Culmination: A lot of little things add up to the things that matter. Know your role and execute to the best of your abilities. Winning is not everything, Winning While Performing at your Best Is!

Staff Experience

The Patriots Academy Coaches follow the licensing requirements of the Youth Soccer Organizations we are members of (US Youth Soccer & US Club Soccer). The coaches are responsible, committed individuals that care about the development of our players. We don’t look at a coach’s license to be on our staff.  We ultimately prefer individuals that do not know the sport and that are willing to work within a program that is laid out before them for the proper development of our players.

Our Program

The Patriots Academy is the only organization in Northern Nevada with an age specific training curriculum with a foundation on the technical development of the Dutch system used world wide by the most successful clubs. We have adapted the program to fit the demographics available in Northern Nevada, our style of coaching and available talent. As such, our training sessions are a masterful combination of the teachings from the Ajax Academy and the AFC Fiorentina Academy. Producers of arguably some of the best talent in world class soccer.
We don’t just have one “winning team” or two or three “good players”, we produce better players at every age level, because what we teach, works!

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