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Thank you for your interest in the Patriots Program.

Current league regulations prohibit any “competitive” team from recruiting players from other “competitive” teams in the middle of the season (August 1 through July 31 of the following year). As such, the Patriots organization does not actively seek any player from any competitive team registered with the GBYSL league. HOWEVER, during the active season, we do invite and consider players registered only with the recreational division or other organizations.

The league mandates that recruiting not be done until the season is over and only in the dates allowed. At the end of the spring season (typically the second Saturday of June), all players are considered “free” as they do not belong to any team or club and do NOT need a “Player Action” form.

For the players interested in changing current competitive teams at the end of the Fall season, the players are required to inform their fall coaches and get a release signature in the “Player Action” form if they want to tryout for other teams. Recreational registered players are not included and do not need permission to attend other team tryouts or attend practices with our academy program upon invitation.

If you would like to be considered for one of our competitive teams, contact

Our goal is to assemble a group of players that want to participate as part of a program with world class based training in a more challenging pre-competitive & competitive environment. This goal requires players to commit to learn the game at a higher level, and to understand the responsibility that must be given to their own progress.

Players that want to participate in other sports during the height of the soccer seasons or that cannot commit to the effort and time demands, should consider a different level of soccer or another organization where the training demands will not be in conflict.

Here are some Q’s & A’s that may answer some of the questions you may have.

Q: Who coaches the teams/players?

A: The overall program is coached by John Chavez. National D licensed coach. Individual coaches manage teams based on an age specific season plan and curriculum.

Q: Where do the teams/players practice?

A: The Patriots practice most of the time at Brown Elementary School in south Reno although it may change from season to season.

Q: What age is the team(s) or what division(s) do the team/players play on?

A: We have pre-competitive team(s) and competitive teams U10 and up.

Q: What is your win-loss record and how many tournaments have you won?

A: If you are asking this question, you are not the type of parent we want to have for one of our players or around our program for that matter. We measure success by a higher standard than what prompted you to ask this question. Plus, you probably have not read the information on this site carefully.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The fees vary by the age of the players and specific team program for the season.

Q: How much is it for coaching?

A: Our coaches are not “paid” coaches but we do have an “Academy membership fee” per season to cover the program operational cost and equipment.

Q: How often do you practice?

A: We typically hold 3 practices of 2 hours. Practices decrease to 2 per week when league games and tournament games are scheduled. Either way, our players and their families are required to expect to do “soccer” 3 times per week most weeks, though the ocassional fourth day might be needed.

If you cannot commit to attending at least 80% of the practices and 90% of the games, then perhaps our program is not for your child.

Players not willing to commit to the rigors of practicing and playing pre-competitive soccer should look at the recreational teams within GBYSL. They require minimal commitment and provide ample opportunities of play time to rec. level players. See the website for recreational sign up information.

Q: How much is my child going to play for the cost of being on the program?

A: As much time as she is physically, technically, and mentally able to do to continue her development and help the team perform at its best. It is also based on a reward system of attendance to practices and games as well as willingness from the child to continue to learn and apply the instruction given. Most of the players on the team that continue to grow will see more game time than those players that fall behind (regardless of the circumstances). For our pre-competitive players, we make the utmost effort to provide at least half of a game playing time to our players.

Q: Is my child guaranteed to stay with the Patriots program?

A: No all players are assessed constantly and each season, at the end, players are either re-considered to remain on the program or are encourage to change, depending on their level of maturity, growth and family commitment. For competitive players, the league has a “one year” season divided by the fall and the spring for competitive players. A child playing in the fall with a team is part of the spring roster. However, a player wishing to change teams can tryout for other teams after the fall season is over so long as their current coach is notified and a “Player Action” form is signed by the current coach. That said, our intention is to have a player in our system through all the developmental years as we know that “jumping players” never get a chance to properly develop every time they “jump” to a greener pasture. The league also places a two game suspension for players changing after the they committed to a team for players U11 through U15, and a complete season ban for High School age players.

Q: Aren’t you asking too much from players and their parents to be on the Patriots Program?

A: NO, this program is NOT for everyone, we are direct in our expectations so that our players and parents are informed of what is expected. This is NOT a recreational or “SOCIAL” club. We set definite goals, we plan our work and we work our plan. We believe that in order to achieve success we must know what we are aiming for and work towards its achievement. That is what we teach our players. We realize there are different points of view for coaching, we just choose to work under the premises of Goal Setting, Commitment, Responsibility, Work Ethic, Respect, Effort and Fun.

Great Basin Youth Soccer League (GBYSL), Sagebrush Soccer Club and the PATRIOTS, strongly encourage ALL young athletes attending competitive soccer tryouts, to actively participate in different club or team tryouts. So that they may fully understand the training program or benefits that each team or club may offer to them. Participating in any soccer clubs or independent team tryouts does not register you to play, nor binds you to that particular club or team. For information on clubs and teams in Northern Nevada, visit

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