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For years many people and so called experts have tried to establish soccer academies in Northern Nevada, and just the same, for years people have failed on setting up successful programs.

The list of failures for so called “soccer academies” is long and includes current programs. The reasons for the failures are simple:

1. People always want to make money first, rather than investing on the long term success of their program.

2. All academies have always been based on “licensed” coaches and their “assumed” expertise and/or coaching or playing experience.

3. All Academies say they follow this program or that program without regard to the actual needs of the Northern Nevada demographics and players.


1. We have for years trained players throughout northern Nevada and understand the different dynamics of the communities around and the available player pool in the area based on demographics.

2. We have successfully merged the technical teachings of the Dutch system and the learning systems o the Ajax Academy and the Fiorentina Academy. Producers of arguably some of the best youth talent in the world, and created the Patriots Academy Program curriculum. Our program is tailored specifically to the available player pool and economics of the Northern Nevada Kids so that we can create the best chance for success for our players.

3. We don’t look for the “best” competitive players around to convince them to come to our teams like everyone else in Northern Nevada does, we “BUILD” our players from the ground up. We succeed in development where the rest fail, as proof by the constant “poaching” of our players from other clubs and teams in the area throughout the years.

4. We do not pay our staff coaches, instead, our program is based on the model that our coaches get the benefits that come from being around their child in our program, watching them grown, and being part of their development, while at the same time, their commitment and time is rewarded by the program paying for the cost of their children playing within it.

5. Although we follow and comply with the licensing requirements set forth by the youth soccer organizations we belong to, we do not rely on any one’s license to teach our players, but rather, all of our coaches teach and follow the Patriots Academy Curriculum with all the players, thus, allowing us to be more efficient in our methods.

6. We do not play favoritism. Our players don’t play with the best kids or get the best treatment because they can pay more or are the coach’s kid. Our players play where they deserve to play based on their own merits.

7. We have worked with players from 5 years of age because we know that any work we do with the younger kids will benefit the child’s physical and mental development, regardless of whether the child decides to change sports when they are 6, 7 or older. It is not about how much money we can make from a child, it is about how much we can positively help the child.

8. We do not just have one winning team, we have produced success at all ages. From youth to adults, girls & boys, men and women. The reason is simple, our system works!

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