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The Patriots Brand was created in the spring of 2006 to support and develop the first Patriots U10 Girls 97 team in Carson City from a group of girls that other coaches did not select during tryouts in the winter of 2005. We coached the team for two years, making this team, one of the two strongest teams in the division at U12. This team became the Freedom after our departure from Carson City and the girls went on to play High School soccer and other teams at the older ages where they used the skills developed through our coaching.

In the spring 2009 we created and developed  a new U12 Girls 97 team in Reno which we successfully developed into another strong team participating in tournament championships in and out of town. This team has by now gone through the different divisions and the girls are all in college now after they got scattered playing in the different High Schools in Northern Nevada.

Along the way, we have coached under the same program a number of teams, too many to remember, from rec and competitive youth teams to adult men and women teams.

As of the fall 2011, we were in full force developing players of different ages, from the U6 to U10 recreational/pre-competitive ages to the full competitive U10 and up divisions.

Our goal has always been to develop players that are technically sound that can compete at a higher level, whether that is making the JV and varsity teams in High School, or playing and showing good at competitive tournaments in Northern Nevada, California and Other areas, or moving on to colleges around the country. We also strive to provide a proper fun learning environment for our developmental players.

Our program is based on teaching and developing the following principles:

Teach the fundamental skills of the game.

Develop the physical technical ability of individual players.

Develop their emotional fortitude.

Strengthen the decision making process of each player as individuals and as part of a team.

Teach respect for the game, team-mates, coaches, officials, spectators and the Laws of the game.

We strive to provide an environment where the players can learn and be challenged and where they can feel part of something greater.

Our methods of teaching are specifically tailored for the players we coach and are based on the successful academy programs used by clubs like Ajax with the dutch system of technical development, and have over the years adopted the Fiorentina scientific methodology developed by Prof. Vergine, the head of the Fiorentina Academy, one of the top teams in Serie A in Italy, arguably, one of the best producers of talent in the world.

As of 2016, using our custom tailored program, we have now produced some of the best talent in Northern Nevada and our players are sought after by competing clubs and teams. Through our efforts, we have produced players and teams that have the largest success rate of any program in Northern Nevada when measured by the number of teams that have gone on to place on different tournaments throughout the region, including taking several 1st place finishes in the NorCal Premier State Cup Competition in Northern California, a feat only achieved by the Patriots Academy.

In the spring 2016, we made the decision as an organization to cut down on the number of teams and players we coached under our program, which operated as a full volunteer driven organization. In an effort to provide a quality driven specific program to only a select few ages, we released 14 of the 16 teams we had, maintaining only a group of 06/05 and a group of 03/02 born female players.

This reduction of players and teams was made to help prepare and pave the way for us to pursue the attainment of the Women’s Premiere Soccer League (WPSL) franchise in the summer of 2016. This goal was accomplished in the summer of 2016 and in the summer of 2017, the Reno Tahoe Liberty FC started it’s inaugural WPSL season, giving local women and college athletes in Northern Nevada a place and an opportunity to play soccer at the highest level possible beyond the youth years.

With the WPSL franchise well on it’s way, the Patriots Academy program was re-started once again with some organizational restructuring, and the Academy will resume operations open to players U7 and up starting in the fall 2017.

The Patriots Academy will provide an structured soccer program under the guidance of its coaches and under the same premises as from the time when the Patriots players first started in 2006 as described below.

The Patriots operate under the premises of creating a fun, positive environment for our players, where they can grow in soccer and in life.

For this to happen, we look at a player to be part of the Patriots Academy to have the following attributes:

(In this order):

1. Does the player have athletic abilities?

2. Are the parents friendly, helpful, committed, non argumentative, willing to help with the team, organization, volunteering, fun-raising or officiating?

2. Are the parents and player willing to commit to the team with the development of a higher level of skill in mind or are they going to be looking to change teams if the teams don’t win every game or things get a little rough?

3. Are the parents and player willing to make the Patriots a priority vs. dancing, horse back riding, acting, marbles, etc. (School excluded) during the height of the spring and fall soccer seasons? (Winter activities other than soccer are encouraged).

4. Does the player listen to coaching instructions and is the player honestly willing to be a better player and to give 100% at practices and games?

5. Are the parents willing to abstain from “coaching” their child?

The Patriots were founded with the understanding that being a Patriot is a privilege.

No one has the “right” to play on the Patriots! Playing for the Patriots is an opportunity given by the organization to the player and the family of the player that wants to be part of something greater and compete with a higher skill level.

There is NO one player in the organization that is above this privilege!

As such, players and parents that want to be part of the Patriots Academy, must understand that there is an inherit responsibility to the program and other players in it, to be there for them if a player wishes to be a Patriot.

We believe in the pride of wearing the team colors and what the team represents.

Our team colors and motif was inspired by the colors of the nation, with the pride that is created by being a Patriot in this great Country.

John Chavez
Director, Founder

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