Patriots 04 Win NorCal State Cup Semi-Final in the “White 2-Platinum 3″ Group, Advance to Championship NorCal Game Sunday 12/7


The U11 Patriots 04 Girls won their semi final game played today at the Woodward Sports complex in Manteca, CA

The Patriots 04 are placed in the NorCal State Cup group “U11 White 2 – Platinum 3” Level. The girls started in the “White” group this season after competing last year in the group below, “Blue” division and taking 2nd place out of the 24th team group.

Their ranking this year placed them in the most experienced white group and through the pool play, the girls finished 17th out of 32 teams, placing them in the current platinum group, right above the “Gold” level teams or right around 80 place ranking out of 152 teams in the division, an increase in ranking of around 40 places.

NoCal State cup participation closes what has been a long year for the girls, and playing in the championship game for the second year in a row, shows the consistency and growth of the girls, as well as the growth of the Patriots program.

This morning’s game saw the girls start by cheerfully singing Ginggle Bells for the Parents of both teams and immediately went to work, scoring 4 goals in the first half and dominating proceedings. The second half saw most of the same and the girls scored 3 more goals to finish the game 7-0.

The girls were able to keep another clean sheet and displayed an impressive defense throughout the 8 games to date in the competition, having conceded 6 goals in 8 games and outscoring opponents  26-6, keeping 4 clean sheets in the process.

Tomorrow’s game places the Patriots girls vs. Santa Clara Sporting 03G White Girls whom won their semifinal game in penalty kicks after over time ending 1-1 vs. the Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club Lady Oaks.

The Championship game is scheduled for 10:40 at the Woodward Sports Complex field 6 tomorrow.

For more information about the Patriots Academy Program, read our website and/or contact coach John directly. 775 690 0949

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