This section is designed to give an introduction to general knowledge to the different events the Patriots Academy Players participate in during the calendar year. Specific dates and times vary each season and year, but the generalities of the events pertain to each player, according to their age.


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Tournaments 101

  Tournaments are a great time for teams to come together, have fun, get to know one another, and possibly win trophies and medals. For the Patriots Academy, tournaments are an essential element of our player development program. Some tournaments we attend with the full intention of winning, whereas we will attend others with the …

NorCal 101

NORCAL PREMIER NorCal Premier is a youth soccer organization based in Northern California and it is comprised by Soccer Clubs from areas as far as Fresno to the south and to the Redding and Chico areas to the north, and of course, the greater Sacramento and Bay Area cities and towns as well as the Northern Nevada …