Tournaments 101


Tournaments are a great time for teams to come together, have fun, get to know one another, and possibly win trophies and medals.

For the Patriots Academy, tournaments are an essential element of our player development program. Some tournaments we attend with the full intention of winning, whereas we will attend others with the intention of learning by virtue of playing stronger teams. We want to expose our players to high-level play that is difficult to obtain locally.  In either case, we encourage parents to not get wrapped up in wins and losses, but rather the development of their child. More important, did they have fun?


The Patriots Academy is a Traveling/Competitive program, and we require full commitment from our players and families during the soccer seasons.

All players in teams participating in tournaments (typically U9 and up) are required to attend all scheduled tournaments. We publish our tournament scheduled 6 months to 1.5 years in advance, so please be sure to look at the “planning calendar” prior to the start of the season and plan ahead. (Click Here)

Unless there is an emergency or a family planned event before we publish the “planning calendars”, your child is expected to attend all tournaments.


All players in teams participating in tournaments are also required to pay for the event. The cost of the tournament is budgeted with each player on the team in mind. Having a previous commitment does not release the responsibility for payment for their team-share of the event cost. On average, the cost per player is $50 per tournament.

ALL travel and tournament expenses are the responsibility of each family and are NOT included in the tournament participation fee.


Players attending tournaments are listed in the seasonal roster-team-player allocation. (Click Here)


Tournaments typically take place over two (2) days, Saturday and Sunday. However, in some instances like on Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends, these events use Monday as a “Finals” day.

We typically attend tournaments throughout Northern California, and may go as far as Oregon. However, the bulk of the tournaments occur 3 to 5 hours driving time.

Patriots teams DO NOT attend tournaments in Las Vegas. (The public relations dept. edited out the reasons why, but you can ask coach John Directly if you need an explanation).


Most tournaments consist of three (3) guaranteed games per team, but in some instances four (4) games are guaranteed – two (2) games on Saturday and 1-2 games on Sunday. The format for each tournament varies from tournament to tournament as every Tournament Director has their own way of doing things. Typically, however, teams earn points based on wins, draws and loses. Teams with the most points move on… Depending on the number of teams in the group, the first Sunday game may be a Semi-Final game, and if the team wins they would play the Final later that afternoon. Points will sometimes determine the overall winner of the tournament, and a Final/Championship game is not played.

All info can be found in the tournament rules for the event, which will be on their website.


90% of tournaments will require families to spend a Friday and Saturday night at a hotel. In some rare instances, the tournament venue will be close enough allowing for early Saturday morning driving (assuming a late Saturday game start), but this is not the norm.

We will typically reserve a block of rooms at a local hotel to try and get a discounted group rate. However, families are not required to stay at that hotel. Each family is free to choose. The only requirement is to have your child at the field one (1) hour before game time.

We will always try and find a hotel using the following parameters: a) Reasonable price; b) Provides breakfast; c) Has a swimming pool; d) Has a gathering place we can use; and, e) Flexible for late check outs.

Typical Tournament Weekends for the Patriots Academy Teams:


March, Last weekend, Reno
May, Memorial Day Weekend, California
June, 1st weekend, Carson City
June, 2nd Weekend, Carson City/Reno


October, 1st or 2nd weekend, Reno
October, 3rd or 4th weekend, California

Additional tournaments may be added for some teams in March, April, June, and/or November. Notification of these tournaments will be given as they are planned and confirmed.

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