Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in the Patriots Academy Program, we hope that you do make an effort to not only check our program thoroughly, but that you do the same with the other teams, clubs and programs in Northern Nevada. We understand that finding a “soccer” home for your child can be a trying period, and it is hard to make sense of the information available, but it is even harder to make it through the sales pitches and actual and rumored information that everyone gives out.

To help you from our part, we have provided you with the information you might find useful about our program, so that when you attend tryouts, you at least have an idea of what we are about, and can actually ask questions based on the information we’ve provided you with.

Please feel free to click and open or download our documents at the links below.

We have included the Academy informational brochure “Download here”, this will give you an idea of our vision for our players.

We also wanted to give you a sample of what our curriculum looks like “Download Here”, of course this is for U6 only, but we felt it was important to share it with you, so that you may see and compare apples to apples between our program, and the programs others offer to your kids.

The last document, is one of the session sheets we also have as part of the curriculum for training U6’s “Download Here”, again, it is just a sample, but we hope it gives you the indication of what an actual “soccer school” or “academy” looks like when compared with just teams and coaches that mean well, but don’t have the training or background to actually teach the game.

We hope to see you at tryouts.

Coach John

Official tryouts are only once per year after father’s day weekend.

Players not associated or registered with another GBYSL team or from out of the area may request to attend training sessions to tryout.

For questions, contact Coach John at  775 690 0949 or

Players Not affiliated with a club or team may contact us any time for places in our Program.


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Great Basin Youth Soccer League (GBYSL), and the PATRIOTS ACADEMY, strongly encourage ALL young athletes attending competitive soccer tryouts, to actively participate in different club or team tryouts. So that they may fully understand the training program or benefits that each team or club may offer to them. Participating in any soccer clubs or independent team tryouts does not register you to play, nor binds you to that particular club or team. For information on clubs and teams in Northern Nevada, visit