A look back at our players and teams through the years since the Patriots Academy officially started in 2006.

Many memories forged through the opportunity we’ve have had over the years coaching players and coaches.

2006 – The beginning year – Carson City, NV

2007 – Carson City, NV

2008 – Carson City, NV

2009 – The Transition Year with new players and teams – Reno, NV

2010 – Reno, NV

2011 – The year we’ve lost our mind! If we build it, they will come…

2012 – The State Cup year in NorCal, first ever for a Nevada team/club.

2013 – Why stop now (Updating)

2014 – Develop, Build, Repeat…(Updating)

2015 – 15 teams! What were we thinking??? (Updating)

2016 – Let’s regroup, time to switch gears… Reduce operations. (Updating)

2017 – It’s nice to have just a few winning teams. (Updating)

2018 – Great kids to coach. (Updating)

2019 – WOW, these girls are good! (Updating)

2020 – The “Why not” year, we know we are the best at developing anyway! Oops! Scratch that, COVID-19 is here. (Updating)