The Patriots Community:
When your family joins the Patriots, you are joining a supportive and close knit soccer community. Encouragement seems to go the furthest when it comes to building a strong team. This is exactly what you’ll find in the Patriots community. The players provide each other with positive words, kindness and are an all around welcoming group both on and off the field. Great friends and an overall inviting group, makes for an incredibly tight unit that functions and plays extremely well. This bond is easy to see while watching them during practice, games, and their free time spent together.

This encouraging community extends to the sidelines as well where you’ll find parents and friends supporting not just their player, but the team as a whole, cheering the players on in a positive manner and enjoying spending time together.

It’s easy to see that this organization is extra special. There are happy players who just joined the program last season and others who have been members for 7+ years. We welcome you to experience the Patriots for the next season.

05 Team Manager