2005/2006 Born players.

The core group of this team has been together since the U8 age division, and has become one of the top teams in Nevada. Along the way we have been lucky to get a number of players that work hard, and that are as committed to success as the rest of the players. Page

2012 Born Players.

This is a new team we have decided to start in 2020. We have currently a core group of players that were set to start in the spring 2020, but due to the COVID-19 related restrictions, we were unable to start it. Nevertheless, the team will have it’s inaugural season in the Fall 2020 by playing in the GBYSL recreational league. Page

This will be our “Project 12”, which we aim to turn into one of the top teams in Nevada in the years to come. Much like all of our previous Patriots Academy teams over the years. For a look at what our teams have been able to accomplish over the years, check out our Gallery.